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Ok, Google: Some Useful Commands You Can Do on Android



Windows 10 users have Cortana, Apple is to Siri, and Android users can use Ok Google. Ok Google can do more than the other applications available, and it is even better than Siri in some ways.

Ok Google can be accessed by just saying “Ok Google” or tapping the microphone button on your Android tablet or phone on google search bar.

It is to be noted that Ok Google is available if you have Google Now app is installed on your smartphone or tablet, if you don’t have then go to google play store and download Google Now from it.

Alternatively, you can download the Google app and do voice searches on your Android or iOS device.

Turning on “OK, Google”

  1. Open Google app by opening App Drawer.
  2. In upper-left corner, Tap Hamburger Menu and go to settings.
  3. 3. Go to Voice > OK, Google detection, and turn on.

Now that is turned on, you can always tap microphone icon and say “Ok, Google”. Following by the voice commands and google will start listening to your commands.

Following are the Useful Voice commands you can do on OK Google:

The Basic Commands

Open [app name]

Go to [Website]

Call [Name]

Text to [Name]

Email [name] Subject [Message]

Show me my last messages

Create Appointment [walk at 10 a.m.]

Set an alarm for [10 a.m.]

Set a timer for [Y] Minutes

Show me my pictures from [location]

Show me my calendar

Where is my next meeting?

Post to Twitter

Post Google+

Start a run


Basic search queries. [dog training]

Define [word]

Synonyms for [word]

Etymology of [word]

What is [phrase]?

What’s the phone number of [business name]?

What’s the stock price of [company name]

Who is [person’s name]?

Who wrote [book title]?

Who invented [item]?

How old is [person’s name]


Take me home

Take me to work

Where is [business name]?

How far is [location]?


Sports scores

Show me the trailer for [movie title]

Play me a video of [random idea]

Listen to [song, artist, album]

Other Tips and Tricks

Show me gift ideas for [holiday]

Give me a love quote

What does the fox say?

Ask for medical information

How many calories are in [food item]?

Roll a dice

Flip a coin

Play Pacman

What is your favorite color?

Control phone

Take a selfie

Take a picture

Turn on my flashlight

Increase/Decrease volume

Mute the Volume


Translate [phrase] to [language]

Looking for restaurant name]

What time is it in [city]?

Show me my flight info

Is [business name] open right now?

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