What is Rowan Atkinson’s Net Worth?

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What is Rowan Atkinson’s Net Worth?


What is Rowan Atkinson’s Net Worth?

Net Worth:$130 Million
Born:January 6, 1955
Country of Origin:United Kingdom
Source of Wealth:Professional Actor
Last Updated:2017

Rowan Atkinson is an actor, screen writer and comedian from United Kingdom. Most Popularly known for being Mr. Bean. Being the Mr. Bean character we have been seen with comedy for decades.

Atkinson is one of the richest and one of the most legendary figures in English comedy. Net Worth of Rowan Atkinson as of 2017 is estimated to be $130 million.

In Country Durham, England, On the 6th January, 1955 Rowan Atkinson was born. His oldest brother Paul passed away when he was an infant. but, he is the youngest of four brothers.

He attended Durham Choristers School, St. Bees School. With a degree in Engineering he graduated from Newcastle University and he also received an Electrical Engineering degree from Oxford to further his education.

Rowan Atkinson’s career as a comedy sketch writer and performer began in 1979, when he started his own comedy shows for BBC Radio 3.

From here, he goes to Television. ‘Not the Nine O’ Clock News’ show was his first big success. This led to ‘The Black Adder’, which was the best British comedy shows of its era.

Mr. Bean is the character we all recognize Atkinson for. It went on to be an enormous success, and it is the show that he is most known for.

He also starred in several movies including Johnny English, Love Actually, Rat Race, and Four Weddings & A Funeral.

Here are some of the best highlights from Rowan Atkinson’s career:

  • BBC 3 Radio Show Began (The Atkinson People, 1978)
  • First TV Show (Canned Laughter, 1979)
  • Black Adder aired on BBC (1983)
  • Mr. Bean was born (1990)
  • Mr. Bean Movie (1997)
  • First Johnny English Movie (2003)
  • Voted Top 50 Funniest Comedians Ever (2005)
  • Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007)
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